Why is Covid Testing and Screening Still Important?

Institutions such as Charter public schools partner with Teodora Healthcare and Fulgent Testing to ensure that their students and staff can return to academics, service in the community, sports and social life. Teodora Healthcare provides the personnel to support testing at sites such as schools.

Effective testing is essential in helping to identify Covid spread before it occurs and reduces the need for contact tracing. It helps to slow the spread of the virus by identifying those who have the virus and enabling treatment and/or isolation. Routine testing is also crucial to learn more about how the virus spreads and how prevalent it remains in a given community.

Teodora assists with ensuring that the process of test collection and oversite helps reduce spread of Covid, and Fulgent ensures the supply of tests, and personal protective equipment along with the speed of testing is fast, consistent and accurate results. These efforts helps keep the community healthier and safer, assists health officials in the mission of reduction of risk.

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